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MaryLynn St.Germaine

MaryLynn St.Germaine

MaryLynn  is a third generation Tucsonan who graduated from the University of Arizona with a BA in English. She holds a masters degree from Northern Arizona University in Educational Leadership.

MaryLynn and her husband have two small children and understand the demands of a busy household. After 15 years fundraising for the non-profit sector, MaryLynn started “Organization By Design, LLC” to help others create structure out of chaos.

As an author, professional speaker and conference presenter, MaryLynn has led workshops at events such as the YWCA Women’s Leadership Conference and the Children’s Miracle Network National Convention- and is available for local and national speaking engagements.

Her first book “Someone’s Always Watching Me Pee” is a humorous take on motherhood with chapters like Prozac Poster Mom-a better living through chemistry; Negligence Breeds Independence and Bangs or Botox. A stretched-thin mother of two, with her own Professional Organizing business, MaryLynn understands the juggling act of motherhood.

In 2003 she began to write down the stories of motherhood that made her laugh out loud. The more she researched and the more she wrote, she came to realize that there is no shame in asking for help. That no one has it all together and that the easiest way to make it through motherhood is to laugh at ourselves, but to laugh at others harder.

This is not a book for hippie-sling-moms who share a family bed and jar their own baby food. Nor is it a book for on-demand park feeders who wear socks with their sandals. This is for the moms who dole out Benadryl, not as an allergy medicine, but rather to get their kids to sleep on an airplane or long car ride. The moms whose infants, barely able to formulate but 5 words, can spot a McDonald’s or Chick Fil A and shout “Chicky Nugget!” And this book is for moms who have, although briefly, (but still nonetheless terrifying) ever lost their child at a pumpkin patch, a grocery store, a mall, a Peter Piper Pizza…or all of the above.

So, if you live in a glass house and have a propensity for throwing stones; if your panties easily get into a wad or if you don’t understand why women think this ‘mothering thing’ is so hard – then this book is NOT for you. Please stop reading now. You have a busy day ahead of you – Croc shopping and cloth diaper washing.