The sock is TICKLY!


I, as a mom can hold it together gracefully.

Should I lose all my maternal inhibitions and reveal any and all emotions at the moment I feel them, like my son does- I’m sure my reaction to the sock-slide would be quite different.

“The seam hurts me”!

“The tag itches me”!

“The elastic pinches me”!



One thought on “The sock is TICKLY!

  1. Sure, the heel of my socks use to slide down into my shoes but i’m not sure that elastic had been yet been invented in the ’50’s. certainly, that was not MY focus. especially at recess time during my early grade school years, i seemed to be single mindedly concentrating on getting my underwear from the clutches of my butt cheeks. it was horrible. i think it was because my mother bought underwear that was too large (“Billy,stop whining… you’ll grow into them.”). i had this extra yard and a half of material that had to go someplace and my butt crack was a powerful magnet.
    i remember leg shaking, butt wiggling, hopping up and down and, of course, the Rafael Nadal signature “underwear pluck.” i remember looking around at the other kids playing, seemingly unaffected by my plight and wondering, “WHY?” it just didn’t seem fair.
    i don’t think that it was something that just came to pass, rather, i think i just lost any self consciousness over dealing unabashedly with what has become my life’s Term Project.

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