By Guest blogger Tara/ The Stylish Amateur

This is a little gem I like to pull out when my kids complain about having to do chores around the house or any kind of hard labor, whatsoever. Yes, that’s a bad perm combined with a Member’s Only jacket and my huge headphones (back in style I might add), cleaning up horse poop from a yard near my house. I like to write about style and fashion now and you can clearly see my stylish tendencies started early. But I digress….my kids today would never be caught dead doing anything like this for a hike in their allowance and hence, that pretty much means I’ve failed in the parenting department on this issue. I’m still working on it though and when they get lippy, out comes the photo. It’s too bad the javelinas don’t leave more excrement around, I have a great idea on some bonus chores they could do…

By Tara

Hard work


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