When the F#@k did they stop being “bad words”?!

I just took my kids to see Pixels today.  Yes- I’m THAT mom that did not even look at the rating because it was advertised as a movie for kids.  The movie was actually better than I had expected.  I appreciated the 80’s references and the throwback to my favorite… Pac Man (on which I had my name on the top of the scoreboard for quite some time at the arcade, I might add.  Yes.  I was that good and THAT popular!).  BUT- what I was not prepared for were the unnecessary number of curse words.  When did “shit”, “bitch” and “ass” become “minor language”?  If my kids ever used those words I’d have them go fetch the bar of Irish Spring.  How did this make Pixels any better for it?  What was the point?  Are PG-13 movies more highly attended than ones with the more conservative PG rating?  I don’t get it.  That being said, I take full responsibility for the oversight in taking my kids to the movie with a PG-13 rating and am quite certain that it wasn’t the first or last time my kiddos will hear those words, but REALLY?



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