Back to School

OK- I am back from my summer “off”.  Camps, vacations and family time- it’s all coming to a close as everyone heads back to school.  Sure, it’d have been nice if I had kids who slept in and relaxed during our time off, but NO- their permanently set internal clocks woke them at the same 6 AM as the rest of the year.  But they DID manage to stay up later- which provided the added bonus of sleep deprivation and crabbiness each day.  Then, it was off to camp, summer school, playdates and water parks (because the “I’m bored” song rings just as loudly in the summertime- except that they now have 12 hours to sing it!).

We managed a month away in California and Montana, got to the Grand Canyon and experienced the requisite summer RV “camping”, which I must admit, was a lovely escape from the 115 degree AZ heat.  Kids got to surf, paddle board, hike, fish, horseback ride, boat, pick huckleberries, camp, swim, and do all of the fun things kids do in summer… and I’m exhausted!

So, to my mommy friends who are looking forward to the start of school as much as I am, here are a few of my favorite Back to School pics.



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