Meet me in the bouncy house.

I’ve made my share of text mistakes- sending a text to the wrong person and realizing that of the two or more people with whom you had text conversations going, you somehow crossed lines and sent one meant for another.  But my poor contractor has been on the receiving end of this TWICE now!  Both equal in my ever-expanding book of humiliation.

The first was a conversation with my friend before we were to attend a formal event the following weekend.  She asked if I was wearing a knee or full-length dress, to which I replied “What are you wearing”?  Innocent enough in it’s correct context, but when this is the only text you receive that morning from your client, whose home you are building- my contractor was surely confused.  “What are you wearing”?

THEN!  As if that weren’t enough, I actually sent another text to him- what he thought was the response to some plumbing questions (but was a text meant for the mom of my son’s friend- with whom I was trying to set up a playdate)…

They’ve got spellcheck and can correct my grammar- but who is out there to save me from MYSELF?



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