Things and stuff


I recently saw this post and it got me thinking about all of the things and stuff that we have.  All those things we feel we cannot live without- that stuff that we think makes life so much easier.  But as a professional organizer, I must remind you- they are just things.  Just things and stuff.  Yet- we always want the newer, better model of whatever that “thing” is.

In June, our house burned down.  I like to write that for shock value, but really.  It did.  We had sold our house in California, purchased a pretty new one in Phx. and the moving truck was loaded and en route when we got the call.  “There’s been a slight incident at your house”, the fire chief began.  Luckily, the house was empty, no one was there and we had not moved any furniture into it yet.  The carpenter who was staining our cabinets had left the exhaust fan on to control some of the varnish smell and the motor burned up.  It spread throughout the attic and when the poor man returned the next morning to finish the job- he was met with smoke and flames.  The “slight incident” caused damage that was so severe, the entire house had to be gutted.  Roof came off.  Walls came down and the floor was ripped out.  We were left with 4 exterior walls and some interior studs.  I must say, though, if your house is going to burn down- this is the way to go.  No one hurt.  No cherished memories lost.

But now, with all of our belongings in boxes and stored away, I have to say- I don’t miss them.  Aside from scrapbooks and photos which I have since scanned and uploaded to Shutterfly, I wouldn’t miss any of it.   I am a minimalist and do love things neat and tidy, but no “stuff”.  Really?

With us to the rental house, we brought 4 plates, 4 cups, silverware, sheets, towels and our clothes.  The kids brought some books and toys- but really, that was it.  Luckily, the house was fully furnished because, while a minimalist, I still need a comfy couch on which to snuggle my family and a tv to use as a babysitter while I am on Pinterest.  Which, I suppose requires me to have a computer, and, of course, a cell phone on which I can play solitaire.  I’d need few nice purses, and a good fitting pair of jeans that makes my butt look perkier.  One of those spinning office chairs could be nice so that I could slowly and dramatically turn to face my visitors with great showmanship and flair.  Also, I really would like to keep my soft blanket, my nail clippers and my Thighmaster.  Maybe my bottle cap collection and a few Smurfs.  But that’s it.    That and for all the children of the world to join hands and sing together in the spirit of harmony and peace.


2 thoughts on “Things and stuff

  1. Again, a wonderful fun piece of writing, and the phone progression photos, very telling. Although I am pretty sure your father never advanced to the cans and string thing. He was more of an arch your neck and scream sort of guy.

  2. Do you remember that Saturday Night Live episode with Steve Martin? He said he wanted peace in the world and for all of the children of the world to hold hands together and later, he scrapped the whole idea after he listed all of the things he wanted. It was so funny!

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