Worn out

It’s Thursday again- which means the week is almost over.  One more day of chaos before heading to the beach.

My week has been filled with final book edits, cover art tweaks, countless school volunteer hours, car emissions testing, registration in AZ and ordering my “RGANIZ” custom plate.  I have baked 6 dozen cookies for school functions, met with the contractor about cabinets, electrical outlet placement and whether or not I want white or cream colored outlet covers (First world problems, I know).  I’ve gone to volleyball practice and games, teacher conferences, basketball practice, kept this rental house clean to show to prospective buyers and served as chauffeur, cook and maid to two children and a husband.  I’ve dealt with a broken water pump on my car and a missing cell phone.  I bought Halloween costumes with two very indecisive small people.  I had my first crown put on my tooth.  I’ve spent time marketing and trying to set up my organizing business in a new city.  I met with our neighborhood events planning group.  I sat at a table for hours selling Monster Mash tickets at my daughter’s school.  I had my tires rotated and my oil changed.  I went to the eye doctor because I’m quite certain I am going blind (or I am just 41.  But it’s probably the blind thing).  I went crazy trying to plan our Fall Break and coordinate school Halloween parties.

Sure- we had pizza one night and I ate cereal over the sink another, but I AM A MOTHER.  This is what we do.  I rationalize that there is protein in cookies (eggs) and that not brushing their teeth one night can be remedied with EXTRA brushing the next.  I give myself the credit for getting them to bed on time and to school before the bell rings.  This is the typical life of a mother and I don’t even work outside the home.  AND I only have two kids!!!

But now I need a nap.  I always seem to need a nap, though I rarely get one.  I don’t understand why kids DON’T want to take naps.  Naps are awesome and something about which I spend a great deal of time fantasizing.

So today- I tip my hat to all of you other moms who make it look so easy!  You are all rock stars!



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