Bad Mommy


GREAT video!

Instead of calling out all of those mommies who did it “wrong” (aka differently than we did), let’s acknowledge that we all have one common goal- to be the best mommies we can be.  We ALL love our children.  We ALL want them to grow and succeed.  We want them to be healthy and happy. 

I ate chocolate (a LOT) when I was pregnant.  I used disposable diapers.  I let them cry it out.  I nursed until they were 9 months.  I fed them jarred baby food and never once thought of making my own.  I read to them every night.  I took Prozac because they drove me absolutely insane!  I let them eat cake on their first birthday.  I took (and still take) an excessive amount of photos of my kids.  I feed them fast food at least once a week.  I hate helping them with their homework.  I hug them lots.  I use generic detergent.  I make home-made cookies.  I’ve not been able to get my son to eat a vegetable since it came in a baby food jar.  I love to embarrass them by singing in the car with the windows down.  I blog my parenting complaints.  I get involved in their schools.  I use threats and bribes.  I go to every practice and game they have.  I yell.  I give lots of kisses and tell them I love them always.  I am a mom.  JUST LIKE YOU.


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