First Moon Party

First Moon Party

In the chaos of our move back to Arizona, I have been lazy with my blog posts.  But it is in times like these that I am oh so thankful for my friends and family who make me laugh and send me clips like these to brighten my day. 


This clip was recently posted onto my Someone’s Always Watching Me Pee FB page and I had to share with you all.   It reminded me of my freshman or sophomore year in HS when I got my learner’s permit to drive.  My sister had roses sent to me at the school with a card that simply read “Happy “P” day”!  It’s one thing to BE embarrassed (like the time my sister, in front of all my cheerleading friends, came up behind me and pulled down my shorts, leaving me in my underwear on the sidelines of cheer practice), but in my family it’s SO much better to be the one CAUSING it!






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