Circular file


As a mom and professional organizer by trade, I struggle a little less than most of you with this dilemma.  I have no problem tossing my kids’ artwork, baby teeth (though I have to hide them WAY WAY down in the trash can), games that are manufactured louder than they needed to be, crappy fast food toys (“I don’t know where that mini plastic tray of playing cards went.  You must have lost it.  You should keep better track of your things”)! 

Side note:  It’s always good to lie and then add a little misdirection and blame for good measure!


To clarify- I am not entirely lacking in sentimentality- I simply treasure the time with my precious offspring and enjoy the “Now” rather than feel the need to capture and keep for prosperity- all of their wonderful creations. 

I’m kidding. 

I just hate all their crap cluttering up my house!


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