A Tiger’s Tail


A Tiger’s Tail Review

by MaryLynn St.Germaine

author of Someone’s Always Watching me Pee


I recently had the privilege of viewing a special screening of the heart-warming family movie A Tiger’s Tail and was asked to write a review for the film.


While it was a largely unknown cast, the story of friendship between a boy, his dog and a young tiger cub were comfortingly familiar.  Listening to John Schneider (aka “Bo Duke”) narrate, brought back warm memories for this child of the 80s.  


The tiger dream sequence/flashbacks were a bit longer than necessary, but held the attention of my 7 and 11 year old children as we smiled at the precious antics of the cub.


As is typical in family movies, they turned an easily-solved problem into a charming but predictable dilemma- only this one tackled current issues like bullying.


Distracted and dismissive at first, the parents developed into more relaxed and endearing figures, but the one who stole the show was definitely Luna, the tiger cub.


So settle down for some popcorn and a blanket- this one is worth a fun family night in (and be sure to stay for the out-takes)!






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