If you’ve paid any attention whatsoever to my blog, you’ll know that my dad is the reigning champion of photo manipulation, practical (and impractical) jokes and that his sense of humor is that of legend. 
One of the characteristics I am glad to have inherited from him, is the ability to laugh at myself.  Sure, it probably stems from having no other option but to wallow in the humiliation of my awkward youth, but, like a fast-moving game of professional ping pong, I must always be prepared that yet another one will be lobbed right at me every few milliseconds.  The awkwardness just keeps on coming!
Here is the latest “alteration” my dad made of one of my more recent photos.  Poking fun at both my legendary short-fuse and the fact that I had just tried Botox for the first time, the photo on the left is the ACTUAL photo of me (unaltered, unfortunately) after my decision to try “Botox over bangs”- and the photo on the right is the ever-so-slightly edited version that my loving father created to highlight my caricature-like features.

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  1. That is just priceless. I wish I had more of what you two have such an overabundance of. It would be so much more fun to have something of myself that was laughable.

  2. when your sister was in high school, she’d sit in the sink every morning to put on her makeup – luckily she didn’t weigh then what she does now. i would come in with “the morning report” and let her know the highlights of what i felt were the most important news stories of the day. i’d let her know things like who was ahead in the World Series, which politician had been caught with his pants down, what natural disaster had befallen some 3rd world country and what the local weather was going to be like. it was a service that i felt i should provide and she always seemed appreciative.

    she knew that i didn’t like her to put on a ton of make up and i always figured that she probably added more at school but when she left home, she looked normal. her eye make up was a different story. she needed that close up image in the mirror that sitting in the sink provided and she required the bright lights that the vanity cast on her to apply eyeliner properly. i’m mentioning this because she had this insane idea that if she looked at me with her eyes bugged wider than humanly possible, i wouldn’t be able to see the layer upon layer of shadow, eyeliner, concealer and mascara that she’s slathered on because it was all hidden in back of her bulging eyeballs. it was you botox picture that took me down that nostalgic lane.

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