Control Freak



As we begin making plans for my daughter’s upcoming birthday and subsequent party, I am realizing so much about myself. 

Of course- there’s the sentimental stuff that gets me first- the little things, like how she is tall enough to look out the peep hole in the front door (something we used to pull and scrape the chair along the floor on which to perch in order be tall enough), and how she likes to borrow my clothes (and all of those cute baby hangers in her closet no longer hold her tween wardrobe).  But I think the one thing that had the biggest impact was the realization that I can’t remember the last time I could put her hair into a ponytail while she STOOD in front of me.  At 5’1″- she now has to kneel down on the floor if she wants my assistance (which is rare, in and of itself). 

Then, there is the party-related stuff like her wanting to hand-make all of her own invitations.  She’s seen me scrapbook and try to be “crafty”- she’s got skills- but the cutting, pasting, gluing and resulting product had me cringing at the beautifully imperfect creations.  Yes- I am a control freak!


2 thoughts on “Control Freak

  1. Ahhhh birthdays…. they parade before us so quickly. as if it were yesterday, i can remember back to when she was turning 6 and i decided it was as inappropriate a time as any to gift Ashton her first bra. the looks on everyone’s faces were priceless.

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