Mommy posse


First there were just a few (extra points for those of you who figured out what our matching t-shirts meant).  Then there were 6.  As more came out of the woodwork and jumped on the “Let’s all get pregnant in 2002” bandwagon, those 6 turned into 12- twelve of us who were all pregnant within 6 months of one another.  I’m talking about you- Jenny, Lisa, Amy, Melissa, Lizzie, Tara, Jean, Jill M., Lori, Cathy, Jessica, – my Mommy posse.  My day-drinking friends- who agreed that it was okay to occasionally lie to our children (“McDonald’s is closed today) and steal from their piggy banks when the tooth fairy forgot to go to the ATM- they were the ones who got me through what seemed like the best but toughest years of my life.

We were all so cute- we’d “Mall walk” (what you do in AZ when it’s 145 degrees outside!), talk about baby names and share stories of heartburn, headaches and hemorrhoids.  They were  good sports when I’d make us all line up in birth-order and pose for “preggers pics” (which then turned into lining all of the babies up for, of course, birth order “offspring pics”)!

I am well aware that this is a rare thing and for that I am blissfully thankful.  Sure, we all make friends with other moms as our kids grow up and we connect with the parents of those kids in our class (just not the nose picker’s mom or the mom who wears socks with her sandals), but nothing will ever have as big an impact as those first friends.  They shaped how I parented (“Negligence breeds independence”), how I handled stress (Prozac- a better living through chemistry), and gave me the support, understanding, and laugh-till-my-sides-hurt friendship that I will never take for granted.  I love you Tucson mommy posse!






3 thoughts on “Mommy posse

  1. i absolutely LOVED this story. what a heart felt tribute to this one-of-a-kind, enduring relationship you’ve been fortunate enough to have with this very special group of friends. the group’s clandestine agenda must have left the husbands feeling somewhat manipulated.
    i do have to confess that i was left a little embarrassed that my mind had taken me down so many dark and sinister dead ends before it finally dawned on me exactly what P-U-D-E-K-C-O-N-K translated to.

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