Metal Mouth

Metal Mouth

The boy got braces! It amazes me how braces at this age are worn, much like a cast- as a “badge of honor”, and not, as it was when I had braces in Junior High, a humiliation beyond a parental scope of understanding. Sure, when we were younger, we flattened out paper clips, wedging their sharp edges into our mouths for that cool “I have a retainer” look, but later, when it came time for “actual” orthodontia, it was somehow much less cool.

But to this seven year old, getting braces yesterday was an event for which we had a countdown posted on the refrigerator. He couldn’t be more ecstatic and has shared the news with everyone he’d see by asking “Do you notice anything different about me”?

I will always be reminded of an old video of my prom, when, in the background my grandmother said how nicely my teeth turned out after braces and that “Every time I see a kid with braces, I think somebody loves them very much”.



2 thoughts on “Metal Mouth

  1. Joey and Julia are now saying that they want “bunny teeth” so that they can get braces. All in due time my children. All in due time.

  2. it’s wonderful that Brady has such a positive outlook on his braces and treats it with excitement. i think of how lucky we are in life to have things like braces and casts happen at a time when they can be worn with pride and as badges of honor.
    when we become adults we look at things differently and our mind sends strange messages to our brain. i cut off my cast after 2.5 days (actually i just cut it open and then held it on and shut with an Ace Bandage). i hated the confinement and restriction. i couldn’t sleep, i kept worrying about what would happen if a drop of water or sweat got under the cast and i couldn’t contend with it…. or what if it got sticky….. or worse…. what if a bug got in there? that was it. where are my dive shears? when i had the brace on my neck after spinal surgery, i imagined that the wrap of bandages underneath was choking me….. i was being strangled and talked the night nurse into cutting it off. she did so reluctantly but stopped short of removing the large Band-Aid that protected the incision – the weight of which i was sure was trying to close my windpipe. i sat up in a straight backed chair all night in my hospital room with both the lights and TV off and watched the activity of the nurses in the hallway. i was sure that unless i balanced my head on top of my erect neck, i would be unable to breathe. they refused me Valium to combat the anxiety (i will never go into a hospital again without my own baggie of drugs). they kept sticking their heads into the room and reminding me that the TV was actually capable of being turned on but i had found that commercials just gave me other things to worry about. then, after awhile, nurses from different floors would just walk up, look in and then walk back to the nurse’s station to say that they had seen this side anamoly of medicine and didn’t understand either.
    once i was released, things were fine. i even added my own accessory over the brace. it was a plastic cone usualy reserved for pets. i told people that “the cone of shame” was to stop me from licking myself. they usually didn’t bother me with any further questions.

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