2 thoughts on “Big sisters

  1. i’ve eavesdropped on Big Sister Ashton’s attempts to convince Brady of some scheme she’s hatched. …. some curiosity born project where she gets to paint his face or curl his hair or Super Glue his feet together. the benefits she paints for him smack of a promoter’s glibness in selling water from the Fountain of Youth to Sun City area residents. “this is going to be SOOO neat, you’re going to look SOOO cool, everyone will be SOOO envious…” even before the paints and glue and sparkle and curlers are set out, Brady is beyond frenetic to get started. “hurry, HURRRRRY…” Big Sisters are masters at setting the hook, tilting the tables of guilt and then standing in the shadows to watch what “she got him/her to do now.”

    there were times when i honestly felt your Big Sister had practiced on me before she would try things on you. i almost never saw the downside to anything she suggested. i was just delightedly impressed that she had the imagination or the savvy to think things up. i remember once she had purchased some sort of cleansing masque. you would apply the gel to your face, let it dry and then peel the masque off. with it came the dirt and grime from deep down in your pores. she suggested, because i was forever sweaty from one workout or another, that i try it. first she suggested that i wash my face to eliminate what i’m sure she viewed as “the base coat of dirt.” while i was washing, i told her that i could lather up and shave and eliminate the stubble from getting in the way of the product working. fresh and clean and shiny, i applied copious amounts of the gel between my palms and then slathered my face with it. it was as if i’d applied battery acid to my smoothly shaved cheeks and i screeched as the gel seared my face. “oh, don’t be such a baby,” she said, “it’ll stop in a second.” …and it did, well, almost. a couple of minutes later, i peeled off the masque to reveal a mottled, reddened and raw appearance that left my skin so sensitive i couldn’t shave for the rest of the week. when i attempted to hoist some of the blame onto her shoulders she said simply, “oh stop it. i never told you to shave.” and then, under her breath, “yea, i wondered if that was going to hurt.”

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