12 more days of Christmas break…

The boxes are piled up ready to sneak into some grocery store dumpster; the fu*&ing Rainbow Loom bands are already clogging up the vacuum and my husband’s hands are calloused from all of yesterday’s toy/ electronic/ sports equipment assembly.  The noise from the drums, the wrappers from the all of the candy and the endless “Mom will you help me with this?  Mom will you play Monopoly AGAIN?  Mom, will you challenge us to another tetherball tournament?”…  all I want for Christmas is a nap (and for school to start again).


One thought on “12 more days of Christmas break…

  1. the batteries will eventually run down (or can be RE-inserted backwards) to stop the infernal “Zrrr-Pt-Pt-Pt” of the ray gun or the battle cry of a menacing transformer. the drumsticks can be lost to the drum set and the Chatty Cathy doll can have water poured down her throat to stop the incessant babbling. the real question here is what kind of gift can you give yopur neighbor’s kids that will provide you some satisfaction for having endured their constantly barking dog for yet another year?
    the answer came to me on a trip to Mexico. no, it’s not maracas…. it’s claves and they’re virtually indestructable. these are the thick, hollow chambered sticks that are used as musical percussion instruments in Mariachi bands. banging them together creates a singularly unique sound that, by itself, takes about 5 seconds to begin gnawing into your brain. the thing that makes this gift absolutely perfect is that you can attach a piece of rope to a screw placed in the base of each to tie them permanently together. not only does it preclude a parent from “misplacing” one but it immediately doubles the gift giver’s pleasure by turning them into a set of nunchucks.

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