There aren’t many years I can keep up with my dad’s cards, but our 2011 family card was one of my favorites.  Ironic that we ended up moving to OC- where reality shows are real life!

So, until the big reveal of my dad’s BEST Christmas card (on Christmas Eve)- you’re going to have to settle for a couple of mine.


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  1. I remember this and cannot believe that I did not get it until right now.
    It is you guys. I remember thinking how long it must have taken to find people that looked vaguely similar, but no it is actually you. Well done. It is as good as anything your father did.
    I once tried to talk Adelaide into doing a shot of us standing with a pitch fork behind our tractor at our Oregon farm, a sort of American Gothic pose. Then you would open the card and see us from the reverse side with no pants on. It would have been my one effort to enter this Kimball competition, but she just would not expose her butt to the world.

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