Just another Christmas card from the Kimballs…

Christmas card

And they just keep on coming….

In keeping with our “Awkward Family photo” theme, I’m going to share my next favorite in the series of my dad’s famous Christmas cards (I promise, they will get even better if you stay tuned for the ultimate- Oh-My-Gawd-photo that I will post at the end of my December daily string of posts). 

This one, once again, shows how my dad just can’t do a normal Christmas card (circa 1995) …


One thought on “Just another Christmas card from the Kimballs…

  1. c’mon…. you can’t just post the front of the card without the “KA-BOOM” of the punch line. otherwise it just portrays us as grouped cretins. you’ve got to share what the inside said…. you did realize that it opened up, didn’t you? your readers may want to know that, in huge red letters it stated, HAIR COMES CHRISTMAS! there, that’s what made it funny. OH, maybe you don’t want them to know?

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