Awkward Family Photo


Oh Sweet Jesus- my dad found an even more awkward shot from the infamous Christmas card photo shoot of 1984!  You all know I am not afraid of posting self-deprecating pics of myself, but really!?  This one is truly an Awkward Family Photo contender (especially with my single jazz hand and my dad’s short-shorts and high socks!).


One thought on “Awkward Family Photo

  1. i’ve just finished looking at the e-mail you sent that displayed some of those “awkward Christmas cards” to which you referred in your blog. they were embarrassing to me even as a curious bystander. i think that the thing that keeps us red faced about pictures from the past it that we’re always accessorized by what has gone so far out of style that our minds attempt to convince us that it was just a bad dream.

    i know that every time some archived footage of basketball is shown on TV and it highlights the greats from the 60’s, viewers start to squirm because the shorts were so….. short. i still have two pair of these nylon shorts that i am wearing in the Christmas card but relegate them for night time wear. when the thought fights its way to the surface and i remember that on several occasions i had actually wore them to work, i begin punching myself in the jaw to erase that faux pas from my memory. Gawd, what were we all thinking? how could we have ever thought that heavy rimmed, huge lensed, tinted glasses were cool? how could we have gone out in public with such moronic looking hairstyles, moustaches and beards? and what on earth was the attraction of plaid polyester double knit bell bottoms?

    in the Christmas card you have chosen to share, you sister punctuates her silent vow never to take a photo in which she isn’t shown as gorgeous. she knew that cheerleader outfits are timeless and that she filled hers out with complimentary style. the saving grace for my short shorts was that my legs have always been so damn good looking that no apology is necessary. but you… Wow! i’ve just pulled out the rejects from which i had to choose for that year’s card – yup, i’d still kept them. they were tucked neatly in between the dozens of other photos i treasure where you radiate the beauty, poise and glamour of a movie star. but why, why did i ever keep these rejects? well sir, i just knew that, like my Earth Shoes, “furniture shirt” and Lilly golf slacks, that i’d find a use for them some day…. and that day is today. these rejects could almost be considered the photographic basis for extortion. this one exhibits enough cringe worthy emblushment that you should be hiding for the rest of the day…. and includes your single “jazz hand”.
    i absolutely love you to pieces and am constantly impressed with your blog and a writing style that keeps me smiling in between the big laughs. i’m very glad that braces seem to have evolved into a sort of fashion statement for Ashton and that they are a plus in her life. i’m also glad that she has chosen volleyball, softball, scuba, swimming, acting, creative writing and art as her pastimes for self expression instead of following in your clubfooted footsteps and free-form interpretive modern dance. you are an amazing mom and keep me proud beyond words.

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