Dad’s Top 5 holiday cards…

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OK- many of you have been asking for me to post more funny stories about my dad, so I’ve saved one of my favorites for December. The Christmas card story.

Every year since we were younger, my dad has liked to create outrageous Christmas cards. Some are beyond creative and others cross the borders of obscene and embarrassing.

One of the earlier ones was not too bad. By his standards, the first one I am going to show you is very mild. Neither outrageous or particularly funny- it would, however, be up for one of the Awkward Family Photo Awards. All that’s missing are my “jazz hands” and for my dad to show a little more leg – and we’d have made the list.


2 thoughts on “Dad’s Top 5 holiday cards…

  1. That is a great picture. What a different era that was. I would just love to read your whole book, when am I going to get a chance? Are you any closer to getting a publisher?

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