Santa’s Birthday

One December not too long ago, my friend Jenny and I were attending a breakfast meeting together.  As we waited at check in, I noticed an acquaintance in the line in front of us.  She was so pregnant that she looked about to pop.  Now, everyone knows that, unless you actually see the head popping out- that you never comment on someone being pregnant, but in this case, she was gushing about her impending delivery and so I felt it appropriate to congratulate her. 

“Congratulations! When are you due”? I asked.

“December 25th”! she beamed.

“Oh how exciting!  It will be so fun- you can tell the baby he has the same birthday as Santa”!

Long pause.

Then my friend Jenny leaned in, as if she couldn’t believe her friend was such an idiot- and corrected me…  “Or JESUS!!!” she clarified.

Oh yeah.  The 25th IS Jesus’ birthday, not Santa’s.  Hmmm.

When IS Santa’s birthday anyway? 

I promise, I’m off to church right now.


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