Yes- this is a picture of my underwear!

Yes- this is a picture of my underwear!

OK- so as the weather is getting colder and colder, I have to layer clothing, beginning with an under shirt. If I put a long sleeved shirt on top of that and then add a sweater or a vest- I can only tuck one thing in before it all starts to bunch together and I relate to my son’s fit as he puts on a “tickly” sock! SO… I have developed a tip for all of you ladies (this would just be weird for the guys reading this, so please disregard this one fashion tip as being for women only!).
Tuck the first layer- the undershirt- into your underwear and then tuck the second layer into the pants as you would normally. Problem solved. I know what you’re all thinking… “That mom is so fashion forward”!!!


One thought on “Yes- this is a picture of my underwear!

  1. first and foremost, i do have to mention how terribly uncomfortable i am with the picture you’ve seen fit to share with the internet. ever since you were 7, and finally out of diapers, we have had this conversation about not showing our underwear to strangers. it seems to be an ongoing topic that peaked in High School with our discussion about why “Vote MaryLynn for President and see her underwear,” was not an acceptable campaign promise. embarrassingly, it extended well into college when you would show me pictures of you and your girlfriends out, having fun and country swinging at some cowboy bar and i’d beg for you to wear levis instead of a skirt. now look at you! and whose hand is that? for chrissake, it goes without saying that it’s a man’s hand… the hair on the knuckles is the giveaway.

    secondly, i AM pleased that you’re sharing fashion tips. it’s just too bad that it’s underwear based and that it has such limited audience appeal. i know that you start to fade away as soon i begin a paragraph with, “I remember when…” but i do seem to remember things from my childhood as if they happened yesterday and that’s my defense. i remember being gifted a Levi jacket for Christmas, a present i had dearly wanted. i think i was in 5th grade and immediately wanted to show it off. in getting dressed i slipped into a new pair of Levis and then one of the flannel shirts that my mother persisted in buying me. then it was on with the jacket. the slacks and jacket seemed to be made for each other. they were instantly a set. i must have decided to roll up the sleeves on the jacket like other wearers but accidentally rolled up the flannel shirt with it. i liked the look. i rolled up both sleeves with the colorful flannel showing on the outside of the folds. i liked it so much that i pulled out the collar of the shirt to overlay the lapels of the jacket. it was a real spiffy look and although i didn’t realize it then, i had invented the leisure suit.
    i then pedaled down to Robert’s Variety Store, a common neighborhood hangout, to show off my new fashion discovery. unfortunately and more than likely because it was cold out, i slipped on a stocking cap. instead of wearing it normally and rolling a brim all the way around, i decided to try another fashion experiment and rolled the folds of the cap to a peaked and pointed front – kinda like Robin Hood might have worn it. my teeth are now gritted, thinking of how ridiculous i must have looked. of course, when i arrived and found girls there, sneaking peeks at me, i thought, “oh yeah, he’s cool… that’s right, eat your hearts out….” Moron!!

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