Setting the clock

Setting the clock

Having spent my entire life in Arizona- where there is no “daylight savings clock-changing”- we’re still getting used to “Falling back” and “Springing forward” with the seasons. Most notably when it comes to bedtime.

My children have always been bedtime champions. We started them on a routine as infants and each evening they know that it’s dinner, bath, books then bed. Every night. Until now. Now- with the clocks changing, they are staying up later because the clock says it’s still early, and then they’re getting up at 5 AM- because it feels like 6.

Now, I acknowledge that I am the root cause of this rigid scheduling, but in my defense- they will get up at 6 regardless. If I put them to bed at 7 PM they’ll get up at 6 AM. If I put them to bed at 9 – they’ll get up at 6. If I put them to bed at midnight – they’ll get up at- you guessed it- 6. Guaranteed. I have NEVER- I repeat NEVER- had to wake my children from their slumber. Not for school, not for sports- not for anything (What I wouldn’t give for a few extra hours of beauty sleep). My son especially. He is the CEO in our house. First one up and first one ready for the day. Which is just one reason I am squelching his efforts at actually learning to tell time.

Sooooo… to save my sanity and force a little extra shut-eye as he transitions to the earlier hour of our Fall clock, I have now begun setting his clock ahead by one hour each night and then once he is asleep- returning it to the correct (earlier) time. Win win for mom. His bedtime is 7:30 PM (which still feels like 8:30 to both his body and MINE), but last night I actually got him to bed at 6:30 (though his clock clearly read “7:30”) because I had tried my little trick! And it worked! Fell asleep at 6:30 PM and didn’t get up until 6:00 AM this morning (once I’d changed the clock back to “real” time). Ah, the lengths I will go to and the Mommy lies I will spin….


2 thoughts on “Setting the clock

  1. Something has clearly changed in these last couple of generations.
    I do not ever recall seeing a sunrise as a child and as we got a little older, teens, our only chance at seeing one was from the pre-bed side.

  2. oh, you think you’re being so deliciously devious to get the extra sleep that you find so precious, well, my mother showed quite a bit more crust in the steps she took to get what she wanted.

    because our dad was a state senator. he was mandated to be in Phoenix when the senate was in session. my mother got tired of his weeks of absence and his short weekend visits home and we temporarily moved to Phoenix. for having such a good memory about my childhood, this was a very unclear period of time for me. i do remember the house, it was in central Phoenix on one of the President’s streets. the front and back yards were dirt and there was a little compartment near the back door into which the milk man put the delivery of milk. i do remember that there was an ice cream truck that we’d daily step outside to hail and that the weather was warn but not hot. another time there was frost on the windows and, ergo, i have always felt that we must have been there for at least two seasons. i remember these little things but don’t remember ever being given a reason for why we moved up to the capitol.

    i vaguely remember my mother explaining that because brother Bob and i were each other’s only playmate, i wouldn’t be having a birthday party ….and that i would therefore remain 6 until such time as we returned to Tucson. since my birthday is
    December 30th, i’m JUST NOW REALIZING that we must have also skipped Christmas. i’m serious, it’s just now dawning on me that she kept everything that heralded the season from us – the carols, the street decorations, the festive store windows and, i guess, even the tree lots. my God, maybe she drugged us into a walking somnambular state of placated gestation for this entire period. i do remember that in order to cheer me up, mom presented me with a whole book of punch out Valentine’s Day cards. and, no, it didn’t seem to matter to little Backwards Billy that the seasons were all akilter. Heck, I had Valentines, how on earth could i be sad? i’d been in first grade and did remember some of my classmate’s names but it was all very dream like. in hand written pen my first grade report card clearly states, “Billy only attended classes for 180 days.” the valentines were presented under the pretense that, “you can get a head start on deciding who to give them to.” since i lacked the ability to both read and write – but most probably because i was functionally uneducable – she offered to assist me with the addressing of the envelopes and show me where to make my mark on the card.

    because you’re so readily admitting to this little fraud and because you’ve so much of your grandmother in you, i truly wonder how much wool you’ve been pulling over Ashton’s and Jourdan’s eyes.

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