"Mom- can you check my math homework"?

“Mom- can you check my math homework”?

“Mom- can you check my math homework”?

“No. No I cannot”.


One thought on “Math

  1. it was 1959 and i remember the family sitting around a tape recorder one evening and listening to a resurrected recording we had made several years earlier. i began. i could be heard reading about butterflies and moths, cocoons and chrysalises, all from a script that i had prepared for a 7th grade presentation. my brother Bob was next. he proselytized on about the planets, the stars, pulsars and dwarfs, the universe and the importance of it all and did it all off the top of his head. Bob had real knowledge. Richard, at maybe 5, babbled on about his rock collection and handled a leaky nose issue by doing some industrial strength snot sucking for 2 disgusting minutes. at the tape’s conclusion our mother critiqued these performances from our past. “Bobby, you sounded so advanced for your years and with both an impressive depth of knowledge and a true grasp of the subject, Kimmy (Richard), i thought you did really well considering it was actually Bobby’s rock collection. Billy…. Billy, you sounded an awful lot brighter then than you do now.” well, hell, i was in high school now….what did you expect? Mom had a special way with motivation.

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