My uncle recently told me a story about taking his granddaughter to breakfast one morning.  As the two of them ate their pancakes, the waiter (whose name badge revealed his last name to be “Roach”) busied himself with other patrons. 

My uncle teased his granddaughter “I’m going to call you Mrs. ROACH.  How’d you like that for a last name?!  Roach”! 

“Yeah”, the little girl teased back, “and I’ll call you Mr. Cock”!

Clear.  As.  Day.  For the whole restaurant to hear.


2 thoughts on “Cockroaches

  1. i had been sharing this newest story with EVERYONE this morning. i think it’s absolutely hilarious and gives credence to the fact that real humor is the best humor and when it involves the innocence of children, it’s better than the best. it is so easy to visualize this scenario that i can feel the redness develop in the face of this uncle. i loved it.
    i came out of my office and bumped into my manager John. he asked me a question about a project we’re printing and i realized i hadn’t shared this story with him. i began by prefacing my story with, “i’m sure you remember that my daughter MaryLynn has a blog about the book she’s written…” (he looked at me with a blank expression). “you remember….. the book is titled, ‘Someone Is Always Watching Me Pee.'” “oh yeah, right,” he began, “… i remember now… i knew it had something to do with piss.”

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