My wonderful husband took our kids to breakfast this morning, as he usually does on Sundays.  Our son asked if he could get a gumball out of the machine.  Conceding, my husband gave him the coin but kept the gumballs in his pocket, saving them for after breakfast.  To my husband’s horror and embarrassment, Brady innocently shouted in the crowded restaurant as they left- “Dad!  I want to feel the balls in your pocket”!


One thought on “Gumballs

  1. as was my usual M.O. in doing my part in unraise you girls, i once picked up your sister from school (third grade, i think) to take her to lunch. (and, yes, sometimes i would pull you guys out of school just to go see a movie or for ice cream). today we chose a pizza place. waiting for our pizza, we played the usual games of Hangman, Tic-Tack-Toe and Jumble as the restaurant slowly filled with businessmen and women who were also grabbing a quick lunch. we finished quickly and headed out the door when AnnEve stopped me and said, “i have to go to the bathroom” and was gone as her pronouncement still hung in the air. i sat down on a bench facing the dining room to wait for her. at about the thirty second mark this low refrain drifted out from the bathroom, “A, B, C, D….. E, F, G…” and it built until i felt she was singing at the top of her lungs. i’m sure that she felt totally alone in that little stall and sang unbridled and uninhibitedly. unfortunately, it was at this point that she began multi-tasking. “H, I, J, K gruuuuuunt, L, M, N, grunnnnnt, O, P…” it continued for what seemed like a dozen rounds of the alphabet and until she had finished. all the while, i sat there, feeling helpless as my precious little girl provided a musical interlude for the diners who sneaked peeks and giggles at this dutiful father caught in a state of abject embarrassment. i loved every second of it and it became my story of the week…. for several weeks.

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