In Need of Fiber

Years ago, after my daughter was first born I went to my doctor only to discover that the discomfort I was feeling was hemorrhoids.  Lovely.  Just another thing pregnancy “did to me”.    Add this to the endless list – consisting of hair loss, swollen feet, wrinkles, veins resembling a map of Texas on my (fleetingly) enormous boobs, a larger shoe size, indigestion, heartburn, irritability (I still try to blame this one on pregnancy), and many many more symptoms. 

I went to the store, having been directed to simply “add more fiber to my diet”.  Wandering the aisle, never lingering too long in fear that someone might mistake my search for fiber as an addiction to laxatives, I grabbed a generic enough looking bottle to make sure it had the recommended amount.  Just them, my husband called my cell phone.

“Hey- do you still have a meeting tonight”?

“Yes.  Why”?

“Because I’m going to make chili with hotdog for dinner and I know you won’t eat it- so tonight is my only chance.  Will you please pick up two cans of chili while you’re at Walgreens” (Because as everyone knows, Walgreens is famous for their chili)?

So only as I was checking out and watching the questioning horror in the cashier’s face- did I realize what my three simple items, when combined, might indicate… I had quite an evening planned. 

Yup.  Just these two cans of chili and a bottle of FiberLax.  That ought to do it!


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