Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy


One thought on “Tooth Fairy

  1. Hmmm, which Emily is this? it can’t be your mother. you know, of course, that even in junior high, your mother use to lay out her next-day-clothes the night before, have her books and homework set out by the front door by dinner time and have the next day completely outlined and planned out on ruled school paper (she invented the Daytimer). her room always looked as if it had just been organized by a decorator. to me, the only thing that looked remotely jumbled was her bulletin board and that was solely because she hadn’t yet explained asymmetry to me.
    no, this is a different Emily. i’m pretty sure that you mother somehow sidestepped the hassle of “baby teeth,” acne and even puberty. she was born a miniature adult and has been responsibly in charge since she was first able to raise an eyebrow over “unacceptable behavior.”

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