More Pets

Reason #257 why we should not get a pet….

Once, when visiting my sister-in-law- my then 4 year old son carried around her miniature Terrier for a week. Not in an “aawww, how sweet” way- but with his tiny little stalker hands clutched around her mid-section like a kid afraid someone would steal his ice cream cone.

One afternoon, he dipped her in the pool to rinse her off after a big afternoon of play. When he brought her in dripping, with her little legs dangling beneath her, my ever-so-patient sister-in-law said “I don’t think Sadie likes that, honey”.

The following day when my son once again returned with a wet and shaking, terrified puppy, my sister-in-law said “It looks like someone put Sadie in the pool”.

To which he replied “Nope. Looks like someone put Sadie in the toilet”!


One thought on “More Pets

  1. i’m at a loss for inspiration, for parallel or even for a story that comes remotely close in the annals of the Kimball boys. i will say that Brady’s actions fill me with pride. with a tradition of hiding the evidence and abysmally transparent lies for our misdeeds, none of us would ever have thought that blatant honesty could have been an excusable defense for such an action. kudos.

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