Sidewalk chalk

Sidewalk chalk

My friend Beth’s son drew this naked picture of her on their driveway- clearly labeled “Mom” (incase anyone should be confused).

He told her, beaming “It’s you mom”!

“Is that my belly button”? she asked, pointing to the blue chalk in the center.

“No- that’s your brown fur. But I didn’t have brown chalk, so I used blue- since it’s your favorite color”!

Not knowing whether to crack up or be horrified, she asked a neighbor mom, “Is this totally inappropriate”? as she took a picture and debated whether or not to hose it off immediately.

“No- it’s flippin’ hilarious! And by the way- you’re not that fat”!


2 thoughts on “Sidewalk chalk

  1. as little girls, you and your sister discovered the joys of having me draw on your backs with magic markers. we would use the temporary, washable markers but it was important that they be the alcohol based variety. the combination of the evaporating alcohol and the mild coarseness of the felt tips provided a very unique sensation and was wonderfully relaxing. face down, you guys would guess at what i was drawing on your backs as the artwork progressed and couldn’t wait to run to the mirror to see what sort of a scene you would carry with you until bath time.

    one night, just before bed, you thought it would be fun to draw on my back. well, double standard or not, i couldn’t have you scrawling your playful images on my back… i was showering at the club after work outs and it would draw too many questions. as a consolation, i guessed that drawing on the soles of my feet would be ok. as soon as you began, i found the feeling to be amazing in its ability to soothe my aching feet. so this was what you two had been experiencing all this time. Wow, it was terrific. you would each pick a foot and i would lie there on my stomach while you, side by side, created your masterpieces. i was in no hurry. it had felt great and afterwards, i twisted my feet around, checked out what you had drawn and complimented you guys on your talent and creativity and then put you to bed.

    i’d had some good racquetball games the next morning and was in the communal shower at the club chatting about certain shots, strategy or how fun the games had been. one of the guys noticed my feet and the fact that they appeared to be bleeding rainbows from the underside. he pointed at the wash of color streaming down the drain and said, “so, what’ve you got goin’ there?” all conversation stopped as i explained our newest family tradition. from their blank stares and slack jaws i guess that a dad and his kids regularly drawing on each other is a stranger past time than i’d thought. everyone should do this at least once with their kids.

  2. This is hilarious! I had breakfast with Tara the other morning and the girls were begging her to tell me some of your “stories”. I have already enjoyed a few VERY good laughs. I look forward to following along!
    -Carin Callie

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