I am a Mother

i am a mother


One thought on “I am a Mother

  1. i loved your collage of photos that poked fun at you through different people’s views of how you mothered. i had no parallel and no immediate Kimball boys story. when nothing came to me, i wondered what our mother would have used as her photos.

    i think that Dad would have viewed her Motherhood role as a dumping ground for all those things that were commonly called “woman’s work.” this catch-all phrase included housework, hostessing and helping with homework. under it’s vast umbrella it also covered all manner of shopping but on a budget that was based on dad’s uneducated guess. i remember the weekly grocery shopping limit was $40 but, as a defense of the era, that was enough for two full grocery carts. as a given, she was expected to handle child rearing activities. surprisingly, those two simple words included all the things associated with school, church, clubs, teams, hobbies, passing interests and passages through one phase or another. she was expected to make “little gentleman” out of us and to discipline us when we failed to tow the line or when we were – again – caught playing with matches. her, “go cut a switch” was the dreaded command we all remember as the precursor to a whipping.

    she was in charge of scheduling our lives to include involvement in things that we would never have otherwise known we needed. things like Cub Scouts, school plays, Safety Patrol, Altar Boys, Junior Assembly and summer camps all became things we were happy we had done. she taught us to drive and to eat what was served or you went hungry. we learned that pulling a loose tooth was ok and that getting the wind knocked out of us for the first time didn’t mean you almost died. she stopped fights with her voice and could bring silence to a room with a look.

    i look back on pictures of her from my childhood and interspersed with themes of vacations and parties are photos of her doing her weekly radio show, giving talks to sell War Bonds or from her monologues as comedienne Harriet Hornbustle. she found time to be a supportive UofA alumni and to take the helm of the Tucson Junior League and to headline their yearly Follies performances. she gave talks on behalf of our dad when he ran for the Senate and then Governor and organized one party after another for the wide circle of friends of which she and dad seemed to be the center.

    i can’t imagine what picture our father would have suggested be used in typifying her role as Mother but whatever it was, she would have had to approve it first.

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