Bath time

Bath time

Once again had to cancel my nightly bath


2 thoughts on “Bath time

  1. “bath time,” i can hear my mother calling this out as if it were yesterday. it was a time of Limbo – neither pleasurable nor a chore – and was simply another venue for fun with, “can we take a bubble bath?” a common reply.

    one memory that’s rolling through my mind now has me at probably 7 with Bobby about 5 as we headed off for the nightly cleansing. if one capsule of Camay Scented Body Safe Bubble Bath was what the directions called for, the Kimball boys would probably have used 5 but, then again, we didn’t have the luxury of a product specifically formulated for bath time. we used Tide detergent and probably enough to scare the dirt and grime from a dozen pairs of heavily soiled Levi’s. (i should probably ask my dermatologist if this may have exacerbated a skin condition that causes me to schedule quarterly appointments with him.)

    we’d add a cup’s worth to the raging tap to get a heavy froth of bubbles. we were always more concerned with generating a massive tub of bubbles than with bothering to check the temperature of the water. we’d frequently step through the bubbles to find the water scalding but once that was adjusted, we’d get to the task at hand which was to slide back and forth in consort to generate a mini tsunami. mostly, it remained within the confines of the tub. we’d ride it back and forth until it subsided and then start again. when enough water had accidentally sloshed over the edge and onto the floor, one of us would hop out of the tub and use the slippery suds to slide from one side of the bathroom to the other – the precursor to the Slip-n-Slide. it was always about this time that Mom would come in to check on us and we’d explain the half inch of water on the floor with, “we’re cleaning the floor so you don’t have to mop it and will dry it all up with the towels when we get out.” i think that our mother decided that the damage was already done and so accepted it. she would, for the umpteenth time, caution us, “next time, don’t get any water on the floor.” (the floors were wood and only covered with some ill-laid linoleum squares. i do wonder if the next owner had to replace the entire floor to make it architecturally sound).

    this was the back bathroom (the Maid’s Room as we called it) and the bathroom we’d all use when we had the neighborhood kids over to play. there seemed to be a steady stream of kids running in and out to quickly pee and then get back to whatever back lot game we were playing. it never occurred to me that many of them must have missed their mark in relieving themselves and that the floor on which we slid around was probably…. unclean. it never occurred to me then, although it is the focus of my thoughts this morning.

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