Mother of the year

Nothing says “Mother of the Year” like a Tyson face tattoo!image


One thought on “Mother of the year

  1. Mom was always worried about the Kimball boys getting tattoos. she had some very definite ideas about the ilk of people who defaced their bodies permanently and would often say things like “Billy, they just aren’t anyone we’d want to know.” i sometimes wonder how she’d react to the body art of today.

    i remember before i went into the Navy (the US Navy), she expressed how sad she would be if i should come home with one. i think she was most fearful that i’d get one that had “Mom” splayed across a heart and on my forearm where it would be difficult to hide. i never got one but, while i was overseas, it didn’t stop me from dropping name after name of some sailor buddy who’d just gotten one. i don’t think any of my friends from the USS Valley Forge ever got a tattoo but it did bring a smile to my face when i would close out a letter with that worry inducing mention.

    i do have friends who have tattoos and, oddly enough, most got them as adults. most ironic is that they aren’t “THOSE people” that my mother would expect. they’re doctors, lawyers, accountants and business owners. some have a simple design in an almost personal place and others have their backs completely covered with a colorful scene from the underwater world or from nature. they all seem to be aware that they don’t wash off and are happy with their choices. the defaced areas even come with a variety of categorical names; Tribals, Murals, Ambigrams or, in the case of my MA degreed, double bright Mother of the Year, Tramp Stamp.

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