The art of taking a good photo

Kids Photos Collage

As I was putting together a collage of my kids’ photos from this past year, I began to realize that my son has mastered the art of taking a great picture.

Sure, my daughter has the model pose and the great smile – but it is my son (with his complete inability to just-smile-for-ONE-photo-please-for-the-love-of-God!) who has perfected the true personality-capturing honesty in each shot. I cannot help but laugh at the little dork.


One thought on “The art of taking a good photo

  1. we didn’t have a lot of home spun Kodak moments when i was growing up. they were always done by some studio professional or as an “added few shots” when a photographer from the newspaper came by to take photos of my parents for one function or another. i do remember one particularly cringe-worth shot that appeared in the paper. it was a picture of Bobby and me in our “play outfits” playing by our play pool. (i should mention that the “play pool” was really a canvas military shower/tub with steel pipe forms that we had somehow acquired) i still have the photo somewhere and it has Bobby kneeling and playing gleefully with a new toy boat (bought for this particular photo op) in the water with this wonderfully happy look on his face. i am depicted next to him, standing, holding up a sodden length of dirty rope and with a look on my face that was the harbinger of tears ready to flow. (i kinda remember wanting to be the one playing with the boat) it made the Society Page of the Citizen.
    once we had over wound the spring that propelled the new boat and broken it, we used it for target practice with rocks and then, crouched in some secure place, tested it to see what color flame it would make if set afire. toys never had a long life expectancy at the Kimball house.


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