When my son was about 4 years old he would dramatically and drastically overreact to situations.  Whether he lost a game of Candyland (which caused him drop to the floor in pathetic defeat) -or listened to me say “no” to his 5th request for ice cream (“But you NEVER let us have ANY treats”!!!).  But my favorite of all, I think was when he came running around the corner in our house only to run smack into one of the kitchen barstools.  Unhurt but embarrassed, he yelled at the chair “I DO NOT LIKE YOU CHAIR!  YOU ARE NOT MY FRIEND!  YOU ARE NOT COMING TO MY BIRTHDAY PARTY”!

Not missing a beat, my then 7 year old (who, even then, was just as sarcastic as she is today at 10) daughter responded with “That’s too bad, Brady.  Chair had a really good present for you too”. 


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  1. heredity and genes can cast a scary shadow over future events. i was maybe 14 years old (10 years past Brady in your funny story) and my mother had asked (told) me to mow the lawn. i found the old lawnmower in a side yard (sometimes we used it as a play toy – don’t ask) and had brought with me the oil can to help break up the rust that made pushing it difficult. i applied the oil but when i straightened up i smacked my head on the handle. it really hurt and, almost as a conditioned reflex, i grabbed a 2 X 4 that was lying nearby and beat the lawnmower mercilessly. i think i may have moved from one side to the other to get a better shot at showing this inanimate object who’s who and when i did, i noticed my mother standing at the back door of our house. she never said anything, she just lowered her head, shook it slowly in disbelief and closed the door. i think it was about that time that she decided she’d better concentrate on a younger brother if her child rearing goals included success.


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