“SEE! Mom was fun”!

Our son has a new train set which he plays with for hours on end.  I help him to build elaborate tracks, complete with bridges and ramps- only to have them destroyed by a dinosaur within minutes.  Occasionally, I will have my husband take a picture of us before this happens, in the hopes that my son will recall-  “Look!  See!  Mom was (once) fun!  She helped me build this great train track.  It was only after this picture was taken and I destroyed the whole thing with my Handy Manny doll- leveling the entire village- that she had to whisper-count backwards from 100 to keep from hurling the thing out the window”.


I can help build trains, I can play board games and I can play “Let’s go get Mommy- Daughter pedicures”- but “make believe” is like Chinese water torture for me.  I prefer games that allow me to lie down (I’ve found that Hide and Seek is great for such relaxation and it sometimes takes them hours to find me under the covers in my master bedroom).  Oh, relax!  I don’t let them search for HOURS (One.  Maybe).


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