My (perfectly healthy) father’s final requests

I guess it’s time to start thinking about final arrangements.  Although this “going green” for burials seems ludicrous, I’m passing the link along so that you can bring yourself up-to-speed on what’s happening.  
With the exception of my navel, I’ve decided that I want my body used by science.  After any transplantable organs are harvested and auctioned off to those who need truly them, I’d like what remains to be sold to further scientific knowledge through research and for medical students in learning about the human body.  That way my entire body will be put to good use.
The bellybutton will be used to clone a new me.  My navel is the healthiest part of my body. It’s never been sprained, never been sunburned and never been broken.  It has remained virtually unchanged since childhood and it’s in the exact center of my body.  It would appear to be the logical place to begin again.  My bellybutton  seems completely normal and, being an “innie” is of the preferred design.  I’ll be grown in a lab, using the funds from the sale of my organs and come back anew to do it right (well, at least do it better).  It certainly beats having to hold my breath for eternity.

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