I’ll wear the kulats- as long as you pick the color

My slow decent into insanity started, I noticed, when I began making little “deals” in my head.  “If I make this light, my meeting will go well”.  Or my favorite, “If I can get out of the bathroom before the toilet finishes flushing then I get a wish”!  I started to place my fate in the hands of someone else.  I was not responsible for how poorly the meeting went- after all, I did not make that light!


As mothers, we have become so overwhelmed with being the decision-maker and the responsibly party, that for once, it would be nice for someone else to make our decisions.  Although I would not allow my own mother to choose my outfit (certain it would include kulats and bright white tennis shoes) I would like her to, for a short time, resume all decision-making on my behalf.  From what we will be served for dinner to which car seat to buy (based on its safety ratings and Consumer Reports).


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