Turning 40

10 Signs that I am turning 40:

1.  I now bring a sweater to the movies

2.  I do not eat or drink caffeine after 4 PM

3.  I require shoes with a “good arch”

4.  I always seem to need a nap

5.  I pee a little when I sneeze

6.  I carry a Costco-sized bottle of Advil in my purse, because inevitably, something always hurts

7.  I’m holding things just a little farther away in order to focus

8.  Everything is just too loud!  The music is too loud!  The movies are just too darn loud! And why does the tv have to be up so LOUD?!”

9.  No one calls me “Miss” anymore.  Always “ma’am”

10.  I now seek out things labeled as having more fiber


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