The end-of-school-Mommy-blues

There are just 7 days of school left.  Is it bad that I am already looking forward to having my kids go back to school in the Fall?

It is with guilt, fear, joy, terror, resentment, pride, love and frustration in equal measure, that we are all mothers.  We will never cease comparing ourselves to other mothers, competing with other mothers and putting unreasonable expectations on ourselves to do more.  To be better.  To accomplish just one more thing. 

But as the last few days of school screech by, I am both looking forward to and dreading the long days of summer ahead.  No more homework folders to finish and sign; no more lunches to pack; no more reading logs to forge; no more fights about the nearly-entire lunch getting returned home uneaten; no more arguments over which socks are “tickly” or which shirts have itchy tags. 

Yet, so begins the “I’m bored” song; the constant state of wet-pool-towel-smell that looms in my laundry room; the sunscreen fights; the sand covering the floor of the car and finally- the search for camps that last all-day so that you can get a moment of peace (and maybe a few things done) before school starts back up in the Fall.


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