Not a blog for on-demand park feeders

This is not a blog for sling-wearing-moms who share a family bed and jar their own baby food.  Nor is it a blog for on-demand park feeders who wear socks with their sandals.  This is for the moms who dole out Benadryl, not as an allergy medicine, but rather to get their kids to sleep on an airplane or long car ride.  The moms whose infants, barely able to formulate but 5 words, can spot a McDonald’s or Chick Fil A and shout “Chicky Nugget!”

And this blog is for moms who have, although briefly, (but still nonetheless terrifying) ever lost their child at a pumpkin patch, a grocery store, a mall, a Peter Piper Pizza…or all of the above.

Oh don’t give me that look.   You’ve been on the couch with a rare popcorn bowl all to yourself reading 50 Shades after your kids are in bed just like the rest of us.  The only difference is- I turn their clocks forward so their bedtime comes sooner!


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